Thursday, 22 November 2012

It's time to kick arse and chew gum, and I'm all out of gum.

Okay, it's time to get serious.

I have been writing my story/book for over 18 months.  I am powering through my 3rd draft now and feeling pretty good about where I am regarding my writing.  No, wait, that's a lie.  I'm not happy where I am with my writing, but for the time being I'm doing the best I can and I'm okay with that.  Anyway...

When I first started I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't read any writers blog's on how to write, I wouldn't look into subjects regarding what to do once I had a written a book, etc.  Not that I didn't want to, I did, I really did.  I just wanted to make sure that I wrote the damn thing first, before I caught up in the idea that one day I was going to be the next New York Times Best Seller (We've all been there).  But let me tell you something if you are reading this and considering doing some writing of your own, it's harder than you think.  The reason I didn't subscribe to blogs and visit different writing forums was because I was a little worried that I would get caught up with idea that I would write a book instead of actually writing a book.  There are some amazing blogs out there that are open and honest about the ups and downs of writing, offering advice and support.  And then there are others that are a little more blunt. But at some point they all say the same thing.  Writing is hard work and not a guarantee to fame and fortune, which I bet would put a lot of people off.  Apparently everyone has a least one book in them and if there was a machine that could extract it from us and put it on paper we'd all be writers.

I think, and remember I have no idea what I'm talking about, but I believe that anyone who makes the decision to sit down and attempts to write something, somewhere in the back of their mind is the idea that they might be able to make a living from it.  I'll be honest, whilst it wasn't at the fore-front of my mind, it definitely crossed it more than once. 

Now I'm finishing draft 3 I'm approaching the stage where I have to consider the concept that after all the hours I have spent writing the damn thing, perhaps it might be worth seeing if anyone is interested in doing something with it. 

I feel I need to point out here that I have no expectations of anything coming from my writing and believe me when I say that.  But what if?  Just what if?  It has happened to others, maybe it can happen to me.

I'm starting to discover that there are many options when it comes to the possible/potential/wishful thinking publication of my material.  I'm aware that it doesn't mean I will be able to make a living from writing, but I do wonder what the likes of Stephanie Meyers or JK Rowling went through mentally when they wrote their first book.  I'm guessing that they never considered the idea that their books would become so colossal.  I remember reading somewhere that JK Rowling was knocked back dozens of times before she finally got picked up and now look at what she has accomplished.  Amazing. 

The one thing I am starting to like about writing is the idea that you have to earn it.  There isn't an '(Insert Country here) Got Talent' or 'X-Factor' for writers.  (Although I would love to go to an audition if there was, can you imagine the characters that would turn up).  I doubt it would be a group of wannabe's who (mostly) look the same, sound the same and think the same.  The diverse range of people who might audition would be inspiring I think. 

Anyway, I digress.  What I am saying and it isn't clever or original, just an observation.  You can't cheat with writing.  You have to earn it and after spending countless hours working on the piece in question, it still doesn't mean anything will happen, but, and this is what keeps me going, I have learnt so much about myself.  Just by getting to the point I am at now and knowing I still have miles to go doesn't concern me.  Yes I get frustrated and pissed off (See some of my other dribble, especially the one named - Why Bother?  No-One Cares.  That was a bad day).  But that's okay, I am learning everyday and you never know one day I might be one of the lucky few who can do what they enjoy for a living.  And whilst I now do read other writers blogs regularly for hints and tips and just to try understand what makes them tick I am discovering that there are other like me. 

I know now that there will be good times as there will be bad.  And I know that it might be all for nothing.  If my blog is anything to go by, I don't imagine my writing to be much cop.  But do you know what, I'm okay with that, because maybe, just maybe...

Stay cool

Pip   x

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