Friday, 9 November 2012

The kindness of strangers...

No, don't run away.  I promise I have calmed down since my last entry.

For any and all people that may have read my last rant I would like to take a moment to apologise. 

I don't want people reading this and thinking what a (please enter expletive here).  That really isn't my intention, but (and I realise I am opening myself up to riddicule here) I don't have anyone who I feel I can vent my anxieties, fears and frustrations too.  All together now...Ahhhhhh!

But with the help of the interweb you can feel like you have shouted your lungs out and expressed yourself well enough that eventually you feel (hopefully) a little better.  And every now and again, if you are really, really lucky, a kind soul will provide you with a supportive and above all honest word and the offer of help. 

And for that I would like to send a huge Thank you to Anne R. Allen.  You know why. 

Please check out Anne's blog, especially if you are a writer, aspiring or otherwise.  The information and support I have gained are invaluable and I will be reading your blog long after mine has died a tragic and pitiful death from a Jack Daniels overdose.  And that's if I'm really lucky.

Anyway, it's the weekend and I have promised my girls that I won't spend the weekend locked in front of this thing.  It's going to be difficult, so wish me luck.

Until next time.

Take care and stay cool.

Pip  x

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  1. Love the reverse in colors, Pip. The black on white is so much friendlier. :-) And thank you, thank you for taking down the "word verification" Yay!

    Take heart. I've written a blogpost in answer to some of your questions and it will go up tomorrow evening (your time) About 10 AM Pacific time.

    I'm going to suggest some other books to you, too: Anne LaMotte's Bird by Bird and Stephen King's On Writing. Then here's an exercise you might try: take a quote from any of the books I've recommended (or mine)--or any author's "how-to" blog and apply it to each one of your posts. I'll bet you'll find each one of your posts illustrates a particular point in the novel writing process. Then you'll have a map of the writing process that will really help other writers as they start their own journey into this crazed world we writers live in.

    Sorry my comment came up twice on the last post. I have no idea why things like that happen. My worst moments in writing all seem to involve tech these days. Arrgghh.