Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Uncomplicating the uncomplicated...


Well I've almost made it. I am now working on the final draft/version of my first story/book, which means when I'm done I will be ready to ask someone to read it. Version 4, can you believe it? I never really believed that I would ever reach this point when I started almost two years ago, but here I am and I am delighted. Well, that's not strictly accurate.

I am well chuffed that I have got this far, but as I am quickly learning, this last stretch is proving a lot more difficult than I initially thought.

My story is set in stone, the plot line, the characters; the beginning, middle and end are all on paper. Each chapter is in its correct order, whilst everything else is almost as it should be, all I have to do make it flow. How difficult could that be?

As it turns out, it's quite difficult. Especially when the person who's job it is to polish my one day classic (hopefully) to a nice, lovely shine is an anal retentive idiot (me). I can only assume that the idea here is that I keep editing and reading and then edit some more and then read until I am happy with the finished result, but when do I know it's right and ready?

I'm finding that every time I think I have finished a sentence or paragraph, when I go back to read it, it's still not quite right. I have re-arranged, deleted and added words, sentences, paragraphs and pages, but alas it seems to make very little difference.

Maybe I'm being over critical and perhaps by complete accident I have written as good a piece as I can in version 3, but I doubt that.

So, it would seem that I’m having to revert back to patience and perseverance.

I also believe what doesn't help is that because I am so close to my finishing line, perhaps I am subconsciously already there.

So, if anyone does read this, if you have any suggestions on how I get over this last hurdle I would be grateful. I doubt anyone will, so I will have to just keep going, relentlessly, in the hope I will figure it out, but some advice would be nice.

Anyway, until then, the more time I spend on here, takes time away from my other writing.

So stay cool.

Pip x

Monday, 11 February 2013

Pardon the CAPS LOCK but I'VE DONE IT!!

Hello to anyone who might read this.  Today will be a short post as I'm going to be celebrating tonight as I have finally finished version/draft three of my first story/book!!

So tonight I am going to get a bottle of my favourite whiskey (John Daniels of Course).  I know people call it Jack Daniels, but when you've known him as long as I have you pretty much get to call him anything you like and I am going to celebrate.

And then, when the inevitable hangover clears, I have to start all over again (Kind of).

But the start of version/draft 4 means that I am almost ready to have someone read my piece/story/book.

So you'll pardon me for being so brief today but I have drinking to be doing. 

So here's a toast to all first time writers, as difficult as that mountain looks when you first start, and as frustrating as it is when you're trying to climb it, it's all worth it when you reach a particular milestone.

I would also like to raise a glass to the all writers that are lucky enough to do what they love for a living (as I truly believe you have to love writing to be a writer, because it's hard, frustrating and sometimes soul destroying work).  If you guys hadn't written the books that I have enjoyed reading ever since I was a kid, I would never have started this venture.

And finally, one last toast.  To version/draft 4.  Here's to being one step closer to reaching that summit, may I see that view soon.

Anyway, JD to consume, I wish all of you well and above all, stay cool.

Pip   x